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8 December 2022
Horizon Europe - Brokerage Event for Cluster 4 – Space calls 2023

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Horizon Europe - Brokerage Event for Cluster 4 – Space calls 2023  

Long-term matchmaking until call deadline

Did you miss the online brokerage days? Don't worry!

The brokerage system remains open to book scheduled & ad hoc meetings until the deadline of Space calls-28th of March 2023

Register and find your partners any time!


That's right: sending and accepting meeting requests will still be possible also after the event! This means that you will be able to send and accept meeting requests until the calls deadline in 2023.

The network of National Contact Points (NCP) for the thematic area of Space, COSMOS4HE is organising a free of charge online Space Brokerage Event on 8th December 2022. The event will give participants the opportunity to matchmake with others through pre-arranged meetings in order to identify possible collaborations and business cases and to facilitate the setup of Horizon Europe project consortia. For this, registrants will enter profiles including search terms comprising the Space call titles of 2022 (please check the topics here).

This brokerage event is organised in the framework of Horizon Europe Cluster 4 - Digital Industry & Space Info Day. For more information about the programme and the registration in the Info Day, please visit the dedicated website here.

Brokerage events for the thematic areas of Digital and Industry are also organised by the respective NCP networks Ideal-ist and NCP4Industry.

For the brokerage event in Digital thematic areal click here.

For the brokerage event in Industry thematic area, click here.

What do you need to participate?

The brokerage event will be implemented through B2Match. Once you register with your profile and search terms you can browse and chose other participants and can be found and selected by others. The system will provide optimized time schedules for face-to-face meetings for you. You can join these from wherever you are currently working. All you need to have is a laptop/computer with stable internet connection, microphone/headset (mandatory) and web camera (not mandatory).

A tutorial on how to run online meetings is available under the "How it works" and "FAQ" sections on this website.

Please note that you will eventually have to update the given time zone with your own time zone, otherwise all meeting hours will be displayed in the event's time zone.

Who should participate?

  • Research institutions
  • Universities
  • Industries and SMEs
  • Other interested stakeholders

Why to participate?

  • Not to miss an outstanding Space networking opportunity
  • Present your competencies and project ideas to potential partners and customers

Participation in this matchmaking event is free of charge. Registration is mandatory.

Closed since 28 March 2023
Organised by
Participants 395
Meetings 271
Poland 50
Italy 39
France 36
Türkiye 36
Spain 36
Belgium 20
Greece 20
Germany 18
Romania 14
Portugal 13
Bulgaria 13
Israel 12
United Kingdom 10
Hungary 8
Austria 8
Netherlands 8
Latvia 8
Cyprus 8
Ireland 7
Slovakia 7
Luxembourg 7
Lithuania 7
Switzerland 6
Czech Republic 6
Finland 6
Denmark 4
Slovenia 4
Tunisia 3
Sweden 3
Norway 3
Iceland 2
Estonia 2
Malta 2
Ukraine 2
Wallis And Futuna 1
Malaysia 1
Croatia 1
Belarus 1
Serbia 1
Albania 1
Total 434
Company (SME) 168
University 63
R&D Institution 58
Company (Industry) 49
Start-up 40
Authority/Government 17
Other 17
Consulting 14
Association/Agency 8
Total 434